ImageJ2-GPU Deconvolution

I’ve just added an ImageJ2 wrapper to YacuDecu (by Bob Pepin) in both the main deconvolution project and RogueImageJPlugins.   RogueImageJPlugins is a place where I am putting cool self contained plugins and examples.   Yacu Decu was written as an Imaris plugin.  The Imaris version can be found here. I’ve played with it a little and got about a 10x speed… More →

Simple ITK – ImageJ2 integration

As part of my larger deconvolution project I tested some of the ITK deconvolution algorithms.   It was fairly easy to integrate Simple ITK into ImageJ2 using Eclipse in an Ubuntu development environment.   Though I haven’t attempted the non-trivial task of creating distributable libraries.  I was really impressed at how simple it was to create an image processing plugin using ImageJ2… More →

Malyasian Flight 370 and Particle Detection

Image processing algorithms for microscopy are often tested on tiny round particles such as some type of metallic particles in electron microscopy or fluorescent particles in light microscopy.   In 3 dimensional imaging, the 3rd dimension is often stretched.  So when you take a picture of something spherical, it will be elongated in the 3rd dimension. We can use image processing… More →