Link Dump

Some interesting articles from the last couple of weeks…(If you follow the open science and reproducible research communities you have probably already seen these).

Nate Silver comments on a repeatable data controversy.   Silver reaches a very large audience so people outside the open data community will read this.  He also makes a good point “be skeptical of the skeptics” too!

C. Titus Brown makes some great points on reproducible computational research.  “20% is better then 0”, “Help some scientists use existing software”,  “By the time it’s in a GUI, it’s rarely still very cutting edge.”

FDA opens up adverse event data

A nice presentation on Python for Biology aimed at novices.  Slide number 17 “use mac or linux”.  That is an issue I’ve been thinking about lately.   Keep an up-to-date Windows partition or not??  So many people still use windows.  Am I better off staying compatible with them or convincing them to change??  Not everyone will convert unfortunately.





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